OOH Advertisement in Liverpool

Advertising your business or brand can generate more consumers to use your products and/or services making your business even more successful where you can expand and live a life of luxury in Liverpool. Contact us.

Why advertise in a city like Liverpool?

Liverpool is one of the most popular cities in the UK with just under half a million people living and working there. Imagine how many tourists visit Liverpool every year.

OOH advertising reaches each individual as they are on their way to work, home, out shopping – anything, but once they see an eye-catching advertisement with a product that relates to them, they will stop.

Exterion Media will match the advertisement to your audience. Click here. Exterion Media can also provide a cost-effective OOH advertising scheme.

What’s involved with OOH advertising?

Out of home advertising can be a range of things, including bus advertisements, rails, billboards, walls and more.

Bus Advertisement:

Advertising your service on a bus provides your business with the perfect audience of potential consumers.

They can offer both eyelevel and above street level coverage, which both have different reactions. Bus advertisement reaches both pedestrian customers and vehicular traffic.


Want your business advertised to the wealthy commuter? Then it seems rail advertisement is for you.

You can specifically geo-target your audience by choosing specific locations suitable for your consumer. See: Travelling to Liverpool.

Billboard Advertising:

Previously, one of the most popular forms of advertising and still as strong and effective. Billboards are typically located on motorways, busy roads and major cities, such as Liverpool.

Billboards cover a large surface to reach both vehicular traffic and their passengers. Learn more.

Please contact us if you have any questions about OOH advertising or if you need advice on expanding your business/brand.